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Table 1 Participant demographics, gambling initiation, favourite forms, and PGSI scores

From: Senior gambling in Hong Kong: through the lenses of Chinese senior gamblers – an exploratory study

Pseudonym Sex Age Occupation Marital status Gambling initiation Favourite forms PGSI score
Alice Female 65 Homemaker Married Friends Mahjong 0
Mrs Fong Female 68 Retired Widowed Family Mahjong 1
Cindy Female Unknown Homemaker Married Neighbours Mahjong 0
Mary Female 65 Retired Married Family Mahjong 1
Mrs Guo Female 85 Retired Unknown Family Mahjong 1
Mrs Lo Female 71 Retired (Homemaker) Unknown Unknown Mahjong 1
Natalie Female 55 Homemaker Married Family Mahjong, 10
Eva Female 65 Retired Single Unknown Mahjong, Mark Six 0
Peter Male 56 Truck driver Married Family Horse races, Mahjong 2
John Male 56 Retired Married Family Horse races, Casino table games 8
Jack Male 85 Retired (ex prison officer) Unknown Family (uncle) Horse races, Mahjong, Mark Six 6
Tong Male 58 Retired Divorced Neighbours “Fifteen Lakes” card game 0
Mathew Male 71 Retired Unknown Unknown “Fifteen Lakes” card game, Mahjong 0
David Male 78 Retired Married Unknown “Fifteen Lakes” card game 0
Walter Male 68 Retired Married Family, Friends Mark Six, Mahjong 0
Michael Male 76 Retired Unknown Friends Horse races, Mahjong 0
Bob Male 65 Retired Unknown Unknown “Fifteen Lakes” card game, horse races, Chinese Chess 1
Ron Male 62 Taxi driver Unknown Friends at work Mark Six, Horse races 1
Shawn Male 55 Restaurant chef Married Unknown Mahjong, casino table games 13