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Responsible Gambling Policies and Practices in Macao: A Critical Review

Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health20142:BF03342125

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Gambling has been a legalized industry in Macao since 1847 and it is now the largest casino city in the world in terms of gross gaming revenue. However, no governmental efforts to control gambling-related harms were made until the Resilience Centre was set up in 2005. Based on a literature review and data gathered from field studies, this paper documents what has been undertaken by government, casino operators, gambling treatment and social service professionals, gambling researchers and academia to promote responsible gambling. Macao’s efforts to promote responsible gambling include public awareness for different communities, free treatment services for residents, as well as tourists who seek help, and also research. Although responsible gambling practices are new to Macao, and sound governance on responsible gambling policies has yet to be developed, the Macao government has announced its intention to enforce responsible gambling as an integral part of gaming policies. It is hoped that Macao will further improve responsible gambling practices under the leadership of local government.

Key words

  • Macau Casinos
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Problem Gambling