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Asian National Adolescent Gambling Surveys: Methodological Issues, Protocols and Advice

Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health20141:BF03342115

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This paper provides practical information for researchers in Asia as an aid to develop the methodology for national studies of adolescent gambling and gaming behavior. The paper covers various areas including: (i) optimal study parameters; (ii) age of sample; (iii) time-frame; (iv) number of participants; (v) sampling approach; (vi) questionnaire topics; (vii) paper-based questionnaires versus online questionnaires; (viii) risks and challenges; (ix) practical advice on carrying out a national adolescent gambling survey; (x) obtaining schools’ agreement to participate; (xi) setting up the self-completion sessions; (xii) conducting the self-completion sessions; and (xiii) incentives. It is hoped that the somewhat prescriptive advice will aid the gathering of good quality data from adolescent Asian gamblers and help research teams develop robust and strategic research protocols during all stages of the research process.


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