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Table 3 Themes, subthemes, and sample quotes from the course reflections questionnaire

From: Mindfulness and problem gambling treatment

Theme/sub-theme Example
(1) Mindfulness techniques:
Non-judgemental detachment Now I can recognize what [s] happening internally and separate myself from what I’m thinking.
SOBER (Bowen et al., 2011) How important it is to breathe and slow down (SOBER).
Staying in the moment My brain is very busy but in this course, I learned how to stay on NOW, in this moment.
Aware of the moment I have become more aware of the present moment. I have become more mindful and conscious about the present moment, learning to take things one step at a time.
(2) Increased awareness of triggers and ability to cope
Aware of triggers To become more aware of life situations and how to deal with them.
  Mindfulness/awareness of warning signs and triggers is my main tool to not returning to coping via gambling.
Able to deal with life situations I had a bit of a crisis while I took this course and it got me through by practicing mindfulness and journaling.
(3) Feeling calmer, more relaxed and more patient
Patient and calm Learn how to calm down by using the 3 minute breathing meditation.
  I have more patience and am aware of my heartbeat.
Taking time on a task Learnt about taking your time on something without stressing yourself.
Less anxiety Learn how to calm down -- Less anxiety.
(4) Improved self-discipline, control, or control over gambling:
Self-discipline Stop and think before I do any harm or damage to myself.
  I learned to discipline myself better.
Avoid auto pilot To be able to control going into auto pilot.
(5) Better interpersonal skills
Improved relationships Learn not to judge people so fast.
Better at listening Much better listener and not affected by small things. Conflicts are less severe when you don’t react right away.
(6) Positive experiences in their lives
  Learned how I sometimes get rid of bad thinking and be relaxed.
  Helping with my job/career.
  Become a better person.
  Mental and physical health has improved greatly.
  Always brightened my mood.
  Feel more positive.
(7) Barriers to meditation
  I found the amount of time suggested for homework not realistic.
  Time is always a barrier.