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Table 3 A representation of the theme development ‘financial hardship outcomes’

From: Indigenous Australian gambling crime and possible interventions: a qualitative study

Major Theme (parent) Financial hardship outcomes
Sub-themes (children) Loss of funds Unable to repay debts Cycle of gambling dependency Crime
Coded extracts & phrases (grand-children) Gambling to make money; Ask family for help; Some cannot gamble in moderation; Desperation leads to some crime;
  Take a punt on a risk … might win; Depend on reciprocation; Develop a dependence; Gambling-related fraud;
  Gamble all pay in one go; Go to payday lenders; As severe as substance abuse; Stealing;
  Cannot pay bills; Obvious to emergency relief services. Demand sharing; Gambling- related violence;
  Increasingly difficult circumstances.   Trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and despair. Crime by kids.
  1. Source: adapted from Creswell (2007:153–4).
  2. Note. There were many sub-themes making up the major theme ‘Financial hardship outcomes’ of which ‘crime’ was just one.