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Table 1 Reported negative impacts of gambling problems on partners

From: Impacts of gambling problems on partners: partners’ interpretations

Financial impacts Emotional impacts Health impacts Relationship impacts
Loss of money/ savings Distress Stress Loss of shared time
Loss of assets, home Anger Coping difficulties Disconnection
Financial pressures Frustration Anxiety Lies & dishonesty
Debt/ poverty Guilt & self-blame Dissociation Loss of shared resources & goals
Harassment by creditors Emotional suffering Depression Disruption of shared understandings
Bankruptcy Panic Loss of sleep Arguments
Legal issues Fear & safety concerns Impaired functioning Blaming
Diversion of funds from household expenses Loss of trust Eating disorders Loss of respect
Loss of financial security Feelings of betrayal Smoking Loss of trust
Loss of quality of life Isolation Heart palpitations Loss of cohesion
Taking on increased employment & income Insecurity & instability Medicalisation Distressed children
Taking on extra roles & responsibilities Embarrassment High blood pressure Separation/divorce
  Shame & stigma Physical exhaustion  
  Erosion of self & identity Emotional exhaustion  
   Other symptoms