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Awareness Promotion about Problem Gambling for Casino Employees: An Asian Experience

Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health20142:BF03342126

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This paper evaluates the impact of an awareness program for Asian casino employees. Contents of the program included the following topics: (1) Understanding the nature of casino games, and the notion of ‘randomness’ in gambling activities, (2) Examining the relationship between ‘chance’ and excessive gambling, (3) Defining ‘safe’ gambling, (4) Identifying the signs of problem gambling, (5) Deciding when and how should a casino employee offer help to problem gamblers in distress. Results indicated that the participants increased their knowledge about chance and randomness in gambling could better detect the manifestation of problem gambling, became more confident of when and how to offer help to excessive gamblers, and were convinced that responsible gambling practices would be beneficial to casinos and to patrons. The knowledge gained from the workshop was retained by participants at a follow-up undertaken after 12 months of the training. Participants’ competence in offering information and help to gamblers in distress was also maintained. The workshop also generated the introduction of a venue-based customer care project. The implications of these results on responsible gambling policies are discussed.

Key words

  • Casino
  • Awareness Promotion
  • Responsible Gambling